About Us

Live Through Rec Specializes in Recreation Programs. We use a systematic process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions that are based upon the assessed needs of individuals with special needs, illnesses and/or disabling conditions. The purpose of the process is to improve or maintain physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual functioning in order to facilitate full participation in life.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Live Through Rec. aims to provide high-quality community and in home recreational and educational services for all people. The primary purpose of our programs and services is to improve one’s wellbeing and fulfill full quality of life.

Our Values


We Come to You

Live through Rec offers an array of services that are individualized and are designed to provide engaging experiences in your community or at home. In-home and community based sessions allow you to be aware of the recreational opportunities all around you. Live Through Rec has always included a significant home-based philosophy that is implemented throughout our programs and services. Live Through Rec also offers remote instruction via our GO LIVE initiative

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